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Capital and Advisory Services for Business and Real Estate

About Us


Herlong and Company was established to assist business owners and investors in securing financing for their growth needs. For most people, obtaining financing for their real estate or business needs means they must become an expert and seek out the financing on their own. We take this burden off of the individual by controlling the process from start to finish so that the client gets the best terms with the least hassle. 


In addition to assisting with capital needs, we provide advisory services for mergers and acquisitions, valuations, and divestitures for privately owned companies.



We help business owners and investors find commercial financing to buy businesses, invest in real estate, refinance real estate, fund working capital needs, purchase equipment and more. Commercial financing carries with it a complexity that requires significant time and expertise. Herlong and Company handles the process from start to finish so that you get the financing you need in the most efficient and profitable way. With hundred's of capital sources at our disposal, Herlong and Company offers you the best chance to get the financing you need and the terms you deserve.


There are two primary ways that we assist business owners in growing their companies. First, we advise owners on the current value of their business. Once we understand the business value, we advise owners on how they can increase the value of their company by focusing on improving the drivers of a businesses value. The second way we help owners grow their company is through acquisition advisory services. Businesses can grow two ways, organically and/or through acquisitions. We advise business owners and investors in the process of acquiring a business.


There are two primary ways an owner can successfully exit their business. First the owner may have a partner or key managers who are interested in buying their ownership in the business. We can provide the financing necessary for the buyout to take place. The second way an owner might exit their business is through the sale of the business. We offer sell-side advisory services to owners who are looking to sell their business.

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